Jun 14

List Conflicted files with Git

May 07

Screenqueri.es | Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Testing Tool

Apr 26

CSS 3D Tilt

Apr 25

jQuery Hooks -

jQuery provides an API to hook into calls to the methods .attr(), .prop(), .val()and .css(). Fiddling with Sizzle, jQuery’s selector-engine, you can even roll your own pseudo-class-selectors such as $(‘div:is-awesome’) or $(‘div:is-it(awesome enough)’). Let’s see what we can (ab)use these, mostly undocumented features for.

Apr 09

Building frontend code with Ant | akikoo.org

Setting Up A Build Process For JavaScript & CSS Files Using Ant (Screencast)

jQuery EventEmitter

Apr 05

Optimising for High Pixel Density Displays

How to Make Images Look Good on the IPad 3

Mar 27

On "Rolling Your Own" Large jQuery Apps - Alex Sexton